Anti-Fouling System (Marine Growth Prevnting Systm)
Supply Reference :3935 Ship Sets
The Technology Research Institute and Quality Assurance Dept. of K.C. Ltd. have made an unswerving effort to secure high-quality and perfect products. We put more emphasis on research and development than sales. With such an emphasis based on our accumulated knowhow and new technology, we have constructed the state-of-the art production systems ranging from design and processing to assembly and inspection. in addition, our products are guaranteed by a thorough in-company quality warranty system.

 Typical Log Sheet
 Our clients all over the world keep sending system log sheets by e-mail for our professional diagnosis and report which
 help them maintain system efficiently and control spare/repair parts well.

 Log sheet : Sample01 Log Sheet : Sample 02
※ Customers are required for the purchase of genuine parts from us. Using imitated parts makes the system get fatally
    damaged and the warranty service would be voided


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Air Test Brush Test  Function Test Hydraulic Test