Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System
iccp system
The world best system for Corrosion Protection
Although modern hull coatings can provide some protection against corrosion they seldom offer a complete solution. For this reason, most operators choose to protect their vessels with a purpose designed in impressed current cathodic protection system.

Using an arrangement of hull mounted anodes on Titanium and reference cells connected to automatic control panels KC’s sophisticated system produces much more powerful external current to suppress the natural electro-chemical activity on the wetted surface of the hull. This eliminates the formation of aggressive corrosion cells on the surface of plates and avoids the problem which can exit where dissimilar metals are introduced through welding or brought into proximity by other components such as propellers.
An essential feature of KC’s I.C.C.P. system is that it constantly monitors the electrical potential of the seawater / hull interface and efficiently control the protective current to the anodes in relation to this.
Therefore, the system provided by K.C. ltd. are much more effective and reliable.

Since 1986 K.C. Ltd. has devoted themselves to develop he systems for anti corrosion by impressed current and now have huge reference prohcts,which are purely derived by clients oriented design, production quality control and after sevices.

Without I.C.C.P. System (before) With I.C.C.P.System(After)
Power Supply Unit Remote Monitoring Panel Reference Cell
Linear Stripe Anode Circular Anode