Anti-Fouling System (Marine Growth Prevnting Systm)
Supply Reference :3935 Ship Sets
20/01/1986 Established

Got Member of Shipboard Equipment Association after investment on the central cooperative facility

  23/11/1998 Accreditation of ISO 9001
  05/09/1999 Moved to New Premises (2517㎡) located in Noksan Industrial Complex
01/2000 ~ Attended world famous Marine Exhibition
Posidonia, SMM, Nor-shipping, Europort, Marintec-China, APM, INMEX and Kormarine
  17/02/2001 Completed the expansion of Premises(Expansion Area in total : 3837㎡)
  01/04/2002 Opened the K.C. Ltd.’s Research & Development Center for Anti-Corrosion & Anti-fouling Technology
  27/08/2002 EC Attestation of Conformity (CE mark) by TUV in Germany
  25/11/2003 ISO9001/2000 certified by LRQA
  26/02/2004 Obtained and registered various patent of M.G.P.S. and I.C.C.P.System
  01/03/2008 Obtained the SAMSUNG-Q GOLD MARK
  25/11/2009 ISO9001/2008 re-certified by LRQA
  30/11/2009 Export Award from KITA
04/04/2011 Reserved new premises (5,400 ㎡)
  05/12/2012 Export Award (ten million dollars) from KITA
  19/12/2013 Won the Korean World-class Product Award 2013
  25/03/2014 Construction started for new premises at Mee Um Ind. Complex
  31/03/2015 Moved to New Premises (5,400m²) located in Mieum Industrial Complex
  08/04/2016 Designated as IP STAR Company in Busan by BUSAN Metropolitan City
& Korean Intellectual
  30/05/2016 Designated as Global Giant Company of korea.
  10/08/2016 Registered as approved BOP Vendor of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co.,Ltd
for Cathodic Protection System.
  06/02/2017 Registered as the qualified supplier of KOSPO, KOWEPO, KOMIPO, EWP, KOSEP for Cathodic Protection System.
  31/12/2017 Achieved I.C.C.P. system 7,598 shipsets, M.G.P.S. 9,492 shipsets,
Shaft Earthing Device 7,891 shipsets and Chlorination System 88 shipsets.